Evoking life - ein 6 Tage Intensiv-Retreat mit Robert Krzisnik

Robert Krzisnik
Ein 6-Tage Intensiv-Retreat mit Robert Krzisnik vom 02.12.12. – 08.12.12 in der Nähe von Hamburg

Liebe Freunde und Bekannte,

ich möchte Euch einladen zu einem Retreat mit Robert Krzisnik, einem guten Freund, den ich vor 4 Jahren auf einem GFK-Seminar kennengelernt habe und mit dem ich in 2010 und 2011 an dem Euro-Life-Retreat mit Robert Gonzales teilgenommen habe. Seine Art dort in der Gruppe auch schwierige Themen mitfühlend und vor allem kraftvoll anzusprechen, hat mich sehr beeindruckt. Wir wurden dort enge Freunde und ich habe erfahren, wie seine intensive Auseinandersetzung mit Soto Zen, Enlightment Intensives und gewaltfreier Kommunikation dazu beigetragen hat, dass er jetzt von einer spirituellen Klarheit aus handelt, die ich sehr schätze.

In diesem Retreat vereint Robert das für ihn Wertvollste aus diesen drei Ansätzen.

Das Retreat findet in Englisch statt, in Kleingruppen können die Teilnehmer die Sprache wählen, die für sie stimmig ist.

Eine vollständige Beschreibung findest Du hier

Ich (Markus Wittwer) unterstütze Robert bei der Organisation vor Ort – wenn Du also Fragen hast, kannst Du dich auch gerne an mich wenden.

Die Anmeldung erfolgt über Roberts Webseite .

Evoking life

Are you longing to live to the fullness of yourself and not die an unlived life? Would you like to find a way for you to completely step into life, embody yourself entirely, spread your wings and soar, be Yourself, and Live, wholly, authentically… Are you tired of noticing you are not shining fully in this life, while the time is ticking?
This retreat aims at supporting you to experience the deepest authenticity and integrity of yourself, and bring it to the here and now, as fully as you possibly can. Integrating experiences from Zen Sesshins , Enlightenment Intensives and Nonviolent Communication (especially the work of Robert Gonzales ), this retreat will provide a space, time and support for you to embody the essence of yourself on a deeper level so that you go home with more presence, aliveness and radiation. It is a time for you to pause, open up and connect with the deepest and the highest.

Some aspects of this retreat to be considered:

  • There will be no teaching at this retreat – it is purely aimed at experiential and transformational learning, exploring the core nature of ourselves and our existence and allowing the awareness and knowledge to come from within.
  • While the retreat is very much grounded in NVC (Nonviolent Communication), it is not a classical NVC workshop for acquiring new NVC skills, through trainings and exercises. But NVC awareness will most likely be profoundly deepened along the way.
  • While no foreknowledge is requested, it is important to be aware that this is an intense retreat with possibly deep (and transformative) inner processes.
  • In general it is a one-method retreat, meaning that one technique will be practised most of the time, reaching deeper and deeper into the unknown, or perhaps more accurately, into the long-forgotten, and embodying it as we walk. The method consists of structured dyads throughout the day, integrating the establishment of a genuine and alive connection with our deep core, with full authentic self-expression and empathic receiving. This way, hour after hour and day after day, we will be unveiling what stands on the way to our pure presence to life, direct experience and full embodiment. We will be meeting ourselves, each other and the Life on the field far beyond the ideas of right doing and being, and the ideas of wrong doing and being. Our minds will haveatough time to follow, yet our hearts will find the way.

This retreat is likely to be meaningful and enjoyable for:

  • everybody who wants to embody life in them as much as possible and live to their fullness,
  • everybody yearning for qualities of presence, clarity, aliveness, awareness, meaning,
  • everybody ready to face what is in them, be it painful or ecstatic,
  • everybody enjoying focused personal retreats with a lot of silence and solitude.

Led by Robert

Robert Krzisnik is a psychologist and has worked as a psychotherapist for 12 years. In 1986 he has attended his first personal growth retreat (it was an Enlightenment Intensive) and his passion for exploration of the essence of Life never stopped since. The most meaningful and transformative processes on his journey were, up to now, Enlightenment Intensives, Soto Zen meditation, and Nonviolent Communication.
Professionally he has been working with groups for 24 years as a trainer, team coach, complex meeting facilitator, corporate therapist, conflict mediator in a wide spectrum of environments: from corporate to educational to interethnic conflict zones to personal and spiritual retreats. He is a certified trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication.